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Dalein Group

With more than 50 successful Dalein feed mill projects in South Africa as well as Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia, Ethiopia and Ghana. Emphasis is placed on standardised and modular lay-outs, simplicity of these lay-outs, durability of equipment, ease of operations and in-house maintenance.

ABC Africa Group - Agricultural Equipment you can rely on. - Feed Mills

The feed mill has to earn at least 30% gross profit for it to be viable and a big portion of that can be money remaining in your pocket. An ABC Hansen system can be more, or less automated. With a manual batching system, it would require the intake of maize ...


The mill is certified as an Export facility in terms of the regulations published by the South African Department of Agriculture and produces horse feeds in both pelleted and muesli-type meal form.

Top Poultry Feed Companies in South Africa

Many South African poultry farmers are kindly grappling with the high cost of feeding thanks to serious drought which has impacted crop yields in Southern Africa. Poultry feed is the biggest cost when it comes to poultry production, typically accounting for 66% to 70%. There is also the quality issue. As a poultry farmer, you have to feed your chicken the best quality feed with the right ...

The Best Soya Bean Meal Animal Feed Suppliers In South Africa. - Manufacturer and Supplier of High-Quality Soya in SA

Irwing Soya delivers the highest quality of original and chemical-free animal feeds. We are wholesale and bulk manufacturers and suppliers of soya bean meal for use in animal feed in Johannesburg and South Africa. Contact us today.

ABC Africa Group - Agricultural Equipment you can rely on.

The ABC Africa Group supplies Grain Storage and Handling Equipment, Oil Expelling Equipment, Maize and Wheat Mills, Milling Supplies and associated equipment to the whole world with a concentration on markets in Africa.

Meadow Feeds – Meadow Feeds is regarded as the market leader in the Southern African animal feed industry.

Meadow Feeds is regarded as the market leader in the Southern African animal feed industry. Our company produces a variety of specialised diets and custom feed mixes for the poultry, dairy, ostrich and swine industries. Meadow Feeds also supplies a full range of ...

Pellet Mills - Hippo Mills

Pellet Mill 400 Pellet Mill 400 The ABCHansen MPEL Plate mill is a multipurpose pelleting press, that provides an excellent product at a reasonable price, both in capital cost and in maintenance.The simplified flat die system is longer wearing and has a lower ...

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